Medical Facilities

Automated Solutions to Enhance Compliance

Unique solutions catered to the specific needs of your facility.

PPE-KIT PROVIDES AUTOMATED VENDING OF DISPOSABLE SCRUBS places a self sustained and fully automated vending machine with AORN compliant disposable scrubs for vendors to purchase within your facility.  Vendors entering sterile areas within the facility are required to purchase and wear PPE-Kits in order to adhere to the strict measures required to reduce risk of infection while increasing the safety and visibility of third party vendors visiting your building.  By integrating with credentialing services you already use, we can enhance compliance within you facility while at the same time reducing your costs.


We can provide automated solutions to offer visitors to your facility the required PPE items to mitigate risk to patients, staff, and visitors themselves.  Options include packaged kits and individual items to reduce the risk of disease transmission.


As study data continues to show, laundered scrubs that are recycled by employees carry contaminates that pose unnecessary risk to efforts to mitigate the risk of infection throughout your facility.  We can offer programs that will track mandated compliance of disposable PPE by employees within your facility. 


Partnering with allows your facility to cut out line item expenses associated with vendor access, mitigate risk of cross-contamination from other facilities, and gives you more control managing compliance and access within your facility. 

Study data supports the need for our program