PPE-Kit Program – Protection Personalized

If a one-size fits all approach does not work for your organization, we can procure a PPE-Kit that is uniquely specific to your organization.  We can provide PPE-Kits for clients, inside employees and outside employees.  Tell us about your needs below.


As organizations send their personnel back to the office, their sales force back out into the field, or welcome clients into their place of business, managers can reduce the potential for legal liability by providing PPE-Kits to employees and clients.  Our PPE-Kits are fully customized to meet the needs of your organization.  Whether you need individual PPE-Kits (branded to your organization if you like), cases of individual products, or a specially crafted kit to meet your needs, we have got you covered.

3 Ply Options

Level A – General Use or Level 1
ASTM Levels Explained Here

Max Filtration KN95

Highest  BFE and PFE rating
ASTM Levels Explained Here

Reusable/Washable Mask

Cotton or Polyester Options
This is a simple barrier. No expressed or implied warranty of protection against bacteria or virus.

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Actual product may vary, however it will never be below our minimum standard.

Hand Sanitizer

All sanitizers are a minimum of 70% Alcohol.
Available in 2.5ml packets, 2 oz, 4oz, 8 oz or 16oz

Alcohol Antibacterial Wipes

50 ct with 75% Isopropyl alcohol

Select the option that best represents your company.
The number of weeks a supply will last is estimated off of an average of 2.5 masks/business day.
The number of weeks a supply will last is estimated off of an average of 20 gloves/business day.
Please enter the number of kits you will require.